Chocker Necklace

Modern design multi-stones pendant on solid silver chocker necklace. The minimal design is complemented with the contrasting colors and textures of natural gemstones and minerals.

ELEMENTS Collection

Highly wearable and glamorous chain necklaces in silver and gemstones. Geometric minimal design elevated with contrasting colors and textures of natural minerals

LUNA Collection

Revisiting the classic multiple strands beads necklace design with a modern twist. The beads necklaces are matched with a detached stone pendant

PERSONA Collection

Bold modern gemstone beads necklace with detachable pendant. Perfect for high street fashion look and showcasing your personality


Unique jewelry designs featuring natural gemstones and minerals of special characters



Special price offers to allow more friends to enjoy our creations. Please understand that it’s a discount of the trade margin, but not the value and the desirability of the creations.


LML Art Jewelry is a Hong Kong based emerging jewelry brand, specialized in multiple natural stone necklaces that range from bold modern to classic elegant.

We create high quality statement pieces that have the ability to empower women of all walks of life with a sense of individual style.

It was our passion for the unconventional natural stones that are full of character and our desire of promoting self-confidence that pushed us to create LML Art Jewelry. At LML, we believe that the beauty of natural stone doesn’t limit to its price. Each stone is unique, and each stone has a story to tell.

In our design process, we constantly strive for the balance between dramatic and effortless, organic and geometric. Wearability and durability are at the center of our design. We consider each of our creations as a long term commitment to our friends across the world.

Our designs are brought to life in our own workshop and in collaboration with other small artisan workshops across Asia, in the spirit of promoting traditional handicraft and supporting local economies.

Driven by a desire of promoting individuality, freedom and positive emotions, it is our biggest pride to see our creations become an instrument of self-expression that can make you feel happier and more confident.

LML stands for Love My Life!